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Spectrum Case
Base Grade Container
  • Container Series #207
  • Contains one of the following:
  • PP-Bizon | Jungle Slipstream
  • SCAR-20 | Blueprint
  • Desert Eagle | Oxide Blaze
  • Five-SeveN | Capillary
  • MP7 | Akoben
  • P250 | Ripple
  • Sawed-Off | Zander
  • Galil AR | Crimson Tsunami
  • M249 | Emerald Poison Dart
  • MAC-10 | Last Dive
  • UMP-45 | Scaffold
  • XM1014 | Seasons
  • AWP | Fever Dream
  • CZ75-Auto | Xiangliu
  • M4A1-S | Decimator
  • AK-47 | Bloodsport
  • USP-S | Neo-Noir
  • or an Exceedingly Rare Special Item!
Dual Berettas | Contractor (Field-Tested)
Consumer Grade Pistol
  • Exterior: Field-Tested
  • Firing two large-mag Berettas at once will lower accuracy and increase load times. On the bright side, you'll get to fire two large-mag Berettas at once. It has individual parts spray-painted tan, navy and dark green.

    Rona Sabri still hasn't forgiven Sebastien for not selecting her to go after Turner
  • The Safehouse Collection
R8 Revolver | Reboot (Field-Tested)
Restricted Pistol
  • Exterior: Field-Tested
  • The R8 Revolver delivers a highly accurate and powerful round at the expense of a lengthy trigger-pull. Firing rapidly by fanning the hammer may be the best option when point-blank stopping power is required. It has been decorated with red accents over silver and black panels.
  • The Gamma Collection
G3SG1 | Polar Camo (Field-Tested)
Consumer Grade Sniper Rifle
  • Exterior: Field-Tested
  • The pricy G3SG1 lowers movement speed considerably but compensates with a higher rate of fire than other sniper rifles. It has been painted using an arctic camo hydrographic.
  • The Train Collection
PP-Bizon | Sand Dashed (Well-Worn)
Consumer Grade SMG
  • Exterior: Well-Worn
  • The Bizon SMG is low-damage, but offers a uniquely designed high-capacity drum magazine that reloads quickly. It has been spray-painted using short pieces of tape as stencils.
  • The Italy Collection
AK-47 | Predator (Well-Worn)
Industrial Grade Rifle
  • Exterior: Well-Worn
  • Powerful and reliable, the AK-47 is one of the most popular assault rifles in the world. It is most deadly in short, controlled bursts of fire. It has been spray-painted in a zebra stripe pattern.
  • The Dust Collection