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IDNameDescriptionHiddenValue TypeClass
1 always tradable Yes always_tradable
2 cannot trade Yes cannot_trade
3 referenced item id low Yes referenced_item_id_low
4 referenced item id high Yes referenced_item_id_high
6 set item texture prefab Yes set_item_texture_prefab
7 set item texture seed Yes set_item_texture_seed
8 set item texture wear Yes set_item_texture_wear
10 has silencer Yes has_silencer
13 has burst mode Yes has_burst_mode
14 cycletime when in burst mode Yes cycletime_when_in_burst_mode
15 time between burst shots Yes time_between_burst_shots
16 unzoom after shot Yes unzoom_after_shot
17 cycletime when zoomed Yes cycletime_when_zoomed
18 cannot shoot underwater Yes cannot_shoot_underwater
19 in game price Yes in_game_price
20 primary clip size Yes primary_clip_size
21 secondary clip size Yes secondary_clip_size
22 is full auto Attrib_FullAuto No additive is_full_auto
23 heat per shot Yes heat_per_shot
24 addon scale Yes addon_scale
25 tracer frequency Yes tracer_frequency
26 max player speed Yes max_player_speed
27 max player speed alt Yes max_player_speed_alt
28 armor ratio Yes armor_ratio
29 crosshair min distance Yes crosshair_min_distance
30 crosshair delta distance Yes crosshair_delta_distance
31 penetration Yes penetration
32 damage Yes damage
33 range Yes range
34 range modifier Yes range_modifier
35 bullets Yes bullets
36 cycletime Yes cycletime
37 time to idle Yes time_to_idle
38 idle interval Yes idle interval
39 flinch velocity modifier large Yes flinch_velocity_modifier_large
40 flinch velocity modifier small Yes flinch velocity modifier small
41 spread Yes spread
42 inaccuracy crouch Yes inaccuracy_crouch
43 inaccuracy stand Yes inaccuracy_stand
44 inaccuracy jump Yes inaccuracy_jump
45 inaccuracy land Yes inaccuracy_land
46 inaccuracy ladder Yes inaccuracy_ladder
47 inaccuracy fire Yes inaccuracy_fire
48 inaccuracy move Yes inaccuracy_move
49 spread alt Yes spread_alt
50 inaccuracy crouch alt Yes inaccuracy_crouch_alt
51 inaccuracy stand alt Yes inaccuracy_stand_alt
52 inaccuracy jump alt Yes inaccuracy_jump_alt
53 inaccuracy land alt Yes inaccuracy_land_alt
54 inaccuracy ladder alt Yes inaccuracy_ladder_alt
55 inaccuracy fire alt Yes inaccuracy_fire_alt
56 inaccuracy move alt Yes inaccuracy_move_alt
57 recovery time crouch Yes recovery_time_crouch
58 recovery time stand Yes recovery_time_stand
59 recoil seed Yes recoil_seed
60 recoil angle Yes recoil_angle
61 recoil angle variance Yes recoil_angle_variance
62 recoil magnitude Yes recoil_magnitude
63 recoil magnitude variance Yes recoil_magnitude_variance
64 recoil angle alt Yes recoil_angle_alt
65 recoil angle variance alt Yes recoil_angle_variance_alt
66 recoil magnitude alt Yes recoil_magnitude_alt
67 recoil magnitude variance alt Yes recoil_magnitude_variance_alt
68 set supply crate series Container Series #<additive> No additive supply_crate_series
69 minutes played Operation Time Logged: <mins_as_hours> No mins_as_hours minutes_played
70 alternate icon Yes alternate_icon
71 season access Yes season_access
72 disallow recycling Yes disallow_recycling
75 tradable after date Yes tradable_after_date
76 postpone fire Yes postpone_fire
77 has bullet altfire Yes has_bullet_altfire
78 elevate quality Yes set_elevated_quality
79 cycletime alt Yes cycletime_alt
80 kill eater Yes kill_eater
81 kill eater score type Yes kill_eater_score_type
82 kill eater user 1 Yes additive kill_eater_user_1
83 kill eater user score type 1 Yes kill_eater_user_score_type_1
84 kill eater user 2 Yes additive kill_eater_user_2
85 kill eater user score type 2 Yes kill_eater_user_score_type_2
86 kill eater user 3 Yes additive kill_eater_user_3
87 kill eater user score type 3 Yes kill_eater_user_score_type_3
88 kill eater 2 Yes additive kill_eater_2
89 kill eater score type 2 Yes kill_eater_score_type_2
92 tracer frequency alt Yes tracer_frequency_alt
93 primary default clip size Yes primary_default_clip_size
94 secondary default clip size Yes secondary_default_clip_size
95 recipe filter Yes recipe_filter
97 competitive kills Yes competitive_kills
98 competitive 3k Yes competitive_3k
99 competitive 4k Yes competitive_4k
101 competitive 5k Yes competitive_5k
102 competitive hsp Yes competitive_hsp
103 competitive wins Yes competitive_wins
104 competitive mvps Yes competitive_mvps
105 competitive minutes played Yes competitive_minutes_played
106 match wins Competitive Wins in Operation Maps: <additive> No additive match_wins
107 preferred sort Yes preferred_sort
111 custom name attr Yes custom_name_attr
112 custom desc attr Yes custom_desc_attr
113 sticker slot 0 id Yes sticker_slot_id
114 sticker slot 0 wear Yes sticker_slot_wear
115 sticker slot 0 scale Yes sticker_slot_scale
116 sticker slot 0 rotation Yes sticker_slot_rotation
117 sticker slot 1 id Yes sticker_slot_id
118 sticker slot 1 wear Yes sticker_slot_wear
119 sticker slot 1 scale Yes sticker_slot_scale
120 sticker slot 1 rotation Yes sticker_slot_rotation
121 sticker slot 2 id Yes sticker_slot_id
122 sticker slot 2 wear Yes sticker_slot_wear
123 sticker slot 2 scale Yes sticker_slot_scale
124 sticker slot 2 rotation Yes sticker_slot_rotation
125 sticker slot 3 id Yes sticker_slot_id
126 sticker slot 3 wear Yes sticker_slot_wear
127 sticker slot 3 scale Yes sticker_slot_scale
128 sticker slot 3 rotation Yes sticker_slot_rotation
129 sticker slot 4 id Yes sticker_slot_id
130 sticker slot 4 wear Yes sticker_slot_wear
131 sticker slot 4 scale Yes sticker_slot_scale
132 sticker slot 4 rotation Yes sticker_slot_rotation
133 sticker slot 5 id Yes sticker_slot_id
134 sticker slot 5 wear Yes sticker_slot_wear
135 sticker slot 5 scale Yes sticker_slot_scale
136 sticker slot 5 rotation Yes sticker_slot_rotation
137 tournament event id Yes tournament_event_id
138 tournament event stage id Yes tournament_event_stage_id
139 tournament event team0 id Yes tournament_event_team_id
140 tournament event team1 id Yes tournament_event_team_id
142 icon display model Yes icon_display_model
143 buymenu display model Yes buymenu_display_model
144 pedestal display model Yes pedestal_display_model
145 magazine model Yes magazine_model
146 uid model Yes uid_model
147 stattrak model Yes stattrak_model
150 aimsight capable Yes aimsight_capable
151 aimsight eye pos Yes aimsight_eye_pos
154 aimsight pivot angle Yes aimsight_pivot_angle
157 aimsight speed up Yes aimsight_speed_up
158 aimsight speed down Yes aimsight_speed_down
159 aimsight looseness Yes aimsight_looseness
160 aimsight fov Yes aimsight_fov
161 aimsight pivot forward Yes aimsight_pivot_forward
162 gifter account id Yes gifter_account_id
165 aimsight lens mask Yes aimsight_lens_mask
171 quests complete Operation Missions Fulfilled: <additive> No additive quests_complete
172 operation kills Yes operation_kills
173 operation 3k Yes operation_3k
174 operation 4k Yes operation_4k
175 operation 5k Yes operation_5k
176 operation hsp Yes operation_hsp
177 operation mvps Yes operation_mvps
178 operation minutes played Yes operation_minutes_played
179 operation wins Yes operation_wins
180 deployment date Deployment Date: <date> No date deployment_date
182 use after date Yes use_after_date