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Mantle of Ancestral Luck
Level 1 Mantle
The ogres of the elder days were said to be great builders and skilled artisans... by ogre standards.
  • Untradable
Lighted Scepter of Serendipity
Level 1 Club
  • Diretide 2013
  • Untradable
Lucky Belly Belt
Level 1 Belly Guard
Aggron says they found it just lying by the side of the road on a bandit they killed.
  • The International 2012
  • Untradable
Masks of Ancestral Luck
Level 1 Masks
The names of the twin leaders who once owned these masks have been lost to ignorance.
Bracer and Band of Ancestral Luck
Level 1 Bracer
Rare is the ogre that can recall their lineage and lucky is the one with claim to an inheritance.
  • Gift from: 心态已炸