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Robe of the Atniw
Level 1 Robe
Fur is shed. Nature's mysteries are revealed.
  • Untradable
Genuine Form of the Onyx Grove
Level 1 True Form
Among the northern pine did Sylla discover the darkness of the Onyx Grove, where creatures both fierce and strange gather to quarrel. In time, the lone druid adapted his own form to join in the fray.
Beard of The Iron Claw
Level 1 Beard
Spirit of Calm
Level 1 Spirit Bear
Though doom and ruin they saw, the visions of the haruspex brought to Sylla a sense of destined calm. During mediations, he found his spiritual projections altered to appear less intimidating.
  • Untradable
Sacrificial Blade of the Haruspex
Level 1 Blade
The blade has seen the belly of many a beast so that knowledge may pour forth and forewarn those in need.
  • Untradable
Claw of the Haruspex
Level 1 Claw
Serpent Clan long held to the traditions of the haruspex, and so foresaw the ruin and war that would visit the ancient clans.
  • Untradable
Poor Armor of the Druid
Level 1 Pauldron
The druids of the Bear Clan were outcasts to society, simple nature dwellers and forest walkers. They had little coin or use for coin.
  • Gift from: 萌旧
  • The International 2012
  • Untradable