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Staff of the Crystalline Queen
Level 1 Staff
Locked frozen in a glacier for a thousand years, this great staff was carved long ago in honor of the twin northern stars.
Tiara of the Crystalline Queen
Level 1 Tiara
Frostbitten Cloak of the North
Level 1 Cloak
Ice is nice! Except in cases of frostbite, so stay warm in this downy cape.
Snowdrop Mittens
Level 1 Gloves
Crystal Maiden hardly needs to keep her hands warm in freezing weather. We suspect these are strictly a fashion statement.
  • Gift from: zjfeng
  • Untradable
Snowdrop Mantle
Level 1 Mantle
For those times when giving someone the cold shoulder is only the beginning.
  • Gift from: zjfeng
  • Untradable