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Inscribed Hellborn Grasp
Level 1 Staff
A week of incantations were spent to pierce beyond the mortal realm and consort with what lay beyond. Finally, a sliver of infernal light appeared and from depths unknown rumbled a distant wail of suffering and anger. The wretched sound grew and grew into a deafening roar before a hellborn claw reached through the burning tear into the world. Yet in its unseeing fury the invading appendage disrupted the ritual, and the vile mouth from whence it sprang suddenly closed shut, forever severing the vile hand from its unknowable owner.
  • The International 2014
Bracers of the Archivist
Level 1 Bracer
For turning pages that wish not to be turned, the Archivist's bracers have been imbued with persuasive powers.
The Demonomicon
Level 1 Demon Book
Inscribed Obsidian Golem
Level 1 Golem
From cooling lava stalks a burning form.
Shroud of the Archivist
Level 1 Helm
Prevents cranial intrusions by a particularly pernicious form of bookwyrm that skulks in the Ultimyr Archives.
  • Gift from: o O
  • Untradable
Garment of Control
Level 1 Robe
  • Gift from: 心态已炸
Lantern of the Conjuring Sigil
Level 1 Lantern
  • Gift from: 心态已炸
Grand Mantle of the Archivist
Level 1 Mantle
Caring for a repository of singular, priceless, unreproducible volumes of wisdom and madness is a burden that, like this mantle, may be shouldered by only an Archivist of similarly singular power.
  • Gift from: 萌旧
  • Untradable