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The Ol' Chopper's Dinner Bringer
Level 1 Hook
Y'know, someone once told me it ain't the hook catching you that really hurts, but when I take it back out.
  • Untradable
The Ol' Chopper's Meat Jacket
Level 1 Jacket
Why go to the trouble of a proper butcherin' if you can't show it off?
  • Untradable
The Ol' Chopper's Chains
Level 1 Chains
I once made me a bracelet with a bit of spare ankle, but it kept coming apart. Some chain helped with that.
  • Untradable
The Ol' Chopper's Cleaver
Level 1 Cleaver
It's dull, but it's heavy. When it's to bone and meat, heavy counts for more.
  • Untradable
The Ol' Chopper's Grizzled Face
Level 1 head
Some folk talk about a crazy man up in them woods, finding and cutting on those what come through. But I know better. I ain't crazy.
  • Untradable
Level 1
  • Untradable