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Inscribed Fin King's Charm
Level 1 Scepter
Though once used by the Fin King's arcanists to dispatch his foes to the underwater realm, the core technique of the charm has since been lost, and much of its potency along with it.
  • The International 2014
Skins of the Incubus
Level 1 Shoulderpads
Few facets of the utter foul wander the land unbidden. To claim such a skin is to declare primacy over the inferno.
Gazing Eye of the Demon Witch
Level 1 Eye
To look past reality and view the vile powers beyond requires vision and clarity surpassing most mortal means.
  • Style: Short Horns
Ruby Ring of Rak-noth Rak-nul
Level 1 Demon Arm
The ring would scorch the very soul of the wearer were it not placed on a finger already beyond hope.
Level 1
  • The International 2016
Level 1
  • The International 2016