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Inscribed Finblade
Level 1 Sword
Kunkka's ship cleaves the waves as easily as Finblade cleaves his enemies. Kunkka revels in the iridescent play of light given off by dashing spray and liberated souls alike.
Black Boots of the Voyager
Level 1 Boots
Note the blade stowed away in the left boot, suitable for carving wood, cutting ropes, and whittling Tidehunter's name in the deck.
  • Untradable
Ye Olde Pipe
Level 1 Pipe
An old pipe Kunkka plucked from a tidepool after being shipwrecked, the old seadog claims it brings him fortune and good luck, and thus never ever takes it from his scurvy-ridden mouth.
Pride of the Crew
Level 1 Hat
Even the Captain must at times join his crew in the daily work aboard the ship.
  • Untradable
Level 1
  • This item cannot be listed on the Steam Community Market.
  • The International 2017
  • Untradable
Level 1
  • Untradable