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Braces of the Atniw
Level 1 Bracers
A projection of will. A show of might.
Cut of the Atniw
Level 1 Hair Style
It has been too long since these bones felt combat. White hair shall be streaked red from the blood of my enemies.
Form of the Atniw
Level 1 True Form
No foe shall stand against the true form!
Hook of the Atniw
Level 1 Hook
Nature chose her guardian well, as any true warrior chooses a weapon.
Robe of the Atniw
Level 1 Robe
Fur is shed. Nature's mysteries are revealed.
Shoulder of the Atniw
Level 1 Shoulder Pad
Ferocity takes shape. Huge shoulders rise to shrug off attack.
Spirit of Calm
Level 1 Spirit Bear
Though doom and ruin they saw, the visions of the haruspex brought to Sylla a sense of destined calm. During mediations, he found his spiritual projections altered to appear less intimidating.
  • Gift from: 洋洋