Project P
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Inscribed Empowering Elements
Level 1 Flail
As light as a feather to the weilder. The weight of a boulder to its target.
Heavy Gauntlets of the World Runner
Level 1 Gauntlets
When prying wide the rifts between the planes, Spirit Breaker draws power from these mighty gauntlets.
  • Untradable
Heavy Pauldrons of the World Runner
Level 1 Pauldrons
A strange friction is generated on the physical forms of those who slide between the worlds, deeply scarring and cutting into their form. These pauldrons guard Spirit Breaker from the worst of the damage.
  • Untradable
Inscribed 6265703095
Level 1
  • The International 2015
Heavy Belt of the World Runner
Level 1 belt
If our world is but a shadow of Barathrum's real world, then this belt may be but a shadow of Spirit Breaker's real belt. But oh what a shadow!
  • Untradable