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Level 1
  • Gift from: Sheng世美颜
  • The International 2015
Primal Form of the Tentacular Timelord
Level 1 head
Shard of the Rift
Level 1 Mace
At the border between the realms lie stones that exist outside of time itself. To be struck with such a stone is to feel an eternity of pain.
  • Untradable
Viridus Claw
Level 1 Bracers and Hand Armor
If you wish to grasp the finer points of Dhreg Cult dogma, you must wear the proper gear for rending the tracts into ribbons.
  • Untradable
Viridus Leggings
Level 1 Leggings and Girdpiece
Girded in madness, these leggings defy meaning.
  • Untradable