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Deep Vault Guardian Spine
Level 1 Fins
A guardian's spinal display serves as an identifier to his peers, and a warning to his foes.
  • Untradable
Trident of the Deep One
Level 1 Trident
Once the temple's caryatids looked out upon a mountain fastness, but those lofty peaks have long since slumped beneath the waves. No one remembers who carved those guardian figures, or even what that nation called itself. And the statue merely scowled a little when Slardar slipped the ancient trident free of its barnacle-encrusted paws.
  • Untradable
Deep Vault Guardian Armplates
Level 1 Armlet
The sigil of the Deep Vault Guardians is engraved upon the cuff.
  • Gift from: 打团让老人孩子先上
  • Untradable