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Auspicious Deathripper
Level 1 Necromantic Steam-Tech Delivery Machine
A terrifying combination of dark magic and science-gone-wrong, the bestial Deathripper is a boon to its master and a nightmare to all others.<br><br>Hailing from the Iron Kingdoms, the Deathripper is a deadly creation of the undead nation of Cryx, as seen in the epic tabletop miniatures game, WARMACHINE. For more information on WARMACHINE, visit www.privateerpress.com
  • New Bloom 2014
Auspicious Tory the Sky Guardian
Level 1 courier
It's been told that Tory, the Sky Guardian, has been riding the winds since the beggining of time, serving the ancient tribes faithfully as a proficient messenger.
Everlasting glory shall be provided to those who are chosen by Tory as allies, as the winds seem to open a path for him while he gracefully flies towards his destination.
A skilled companion who can fly above the highest mountain and glide over the bloodiest battlefield, Tory can surpass every flying being in every way possible.
  • New Bloom 2014