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Autographed Elixir of Dragon's Breath
Level 1 Cask
Fermented from the concentrate of thousand-year-old Dragon's blood, this rare elixir is guaranteed to put hair on your chest. And then set fire to that hair.
Autographed Empyrean
Level 1 Staff
'Tis told among Skywrath-kind the legend of Shaldera, a being of black wing who in hubris flew into the darker skies hoping to meet the heavenly lords above. She who returned did so upon golden feathers, bearing the divine spear Empyrean, a symbol of her flight. It is said her kingdom endured for a thousand years and one.
Autographed Pale Mausoleum
Level 1 Tombstone
The dirge howls from the deep. Its call is irresistible, its song a melody of dark and cold. All will fall under the spell, be they tyrant or peasant, soldier or thief. The dirge shall claim.
Autographed 7094916682
Level 1
  • The International 2015
Autographed Horns of Monstrous Reprisal
Level 1 Horns
Includes particles and an ability icon.
  • Untradable