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Frozen Deep Warden's Prized Scimitar
Level 1 Sword
No weapon was more prized among the warden's private collection, nor more missed when it vanished.
  • Frostivus 2013
Deep Warden's Seized Hood
Level 1 Hood
They say the thief that used to own this hood killed eleven guards before he was finally sent up for air.
Deep Warden's Darkray Cape
Level 1 Cape
There's not a lot to a darkray, but you'll find what's there to be pretty durable.
Deep Warden's Tooth Bracer
Level 1 Bracer
If you're going to go through all the trouble of breaking out of prison, you may as well take a few souvenirs!
Deep Warden's Conch Pauldron
Level 1 Pauldron
They say a glow conch can fetch a pretty penny on the black market.
Level 1
  • The International 2016