Project P
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Level 1
  • The International 2015
Rough Rider's Tools
Level 1 Utility Belt
It'll take more than a rope to tame the wilds of Yama Raskav.
  • Untradable
Rough Rider's Slipshod Slicker
Level 1 Coat
You'll be glad you have this when the rainy season comes around.
  • Untradable
Rough Rider's Muggin' Mask
Level 1 Mask
A few dips into the wilds of Yama Raskav will bring out the brigand in anyone.
  • Untradable
Bertha the Morde-bat
Level 1 Bat
A little sweeter to some, a little meaner to the rest, you'd best be on this beauty's good side if you aim to keep your head.
  • Untradable