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Level 1
  • The International 2015
Vines of Twisted Wisdom
Level 1 Vines
They say that wisdom grows not without bright light, fresh air, clean water. But a twisted sort of wisdom, like these vines, may feed and thrive on anguish, black thoughts, and foul deeds.
Tail of Twisted Wisdom
Level 1 Tail
Rumors have it that Leshrac once lost his tail, and after much searching and despair, an artificial appendage was attached. Perhaps this was the source of his bleak brand of wisdom.
Horns of Twisted Wisdom
Level 1 Horns
Twisted is the mind that broods beneath these twisted horns. Twisted are the intentions that issue from that mind. Twisted is the fate of those who encounter Leshrac.
Armor of Twisted Wisdom
Level 1 armor
Some insights are so painful that they burst out from within, piercing flesh, filling body and mind alike with agonizing insight.