Project P
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Gift of the Sea Shoulders
Level 1 Shoulder piece
Who can say no to such a glorious gift of strength and power?
  • Untradable
Gift of the Sea Dorsal Wings
Level 1 Dorsal Fins
The sea's first gift was swiftness, imbued in these winglike dorsal fins.
  • Untradable
Gift of the Sea Fin
Level 1 Miscellaneous
A fragment of a sea-serpent's tail? A crystalline imprisonment of the sea's energy? Not even the enigmatic Morphling would hazard a guess.
  • Untradable
Level 1
  • The International 2016
Armlets of the Falling Comet
Level 1 Armlets
As if knowing the destiny that awaited it, the comet that once carried Morphling from the heavens produced from its own substance a pair of armlets that would one day fit its passenger perfectly.
  • Untradable