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Inscribed Rampant Outrage
Level 1 Helm
Let them swing their puny swords and cast their pitiful spells. Let them scar the flesh and blacken the armor. Let them think they've found a weakness. Let them smile in their triumph. Then let them feel terror as the heavy blade ends their laughter.
  • The International 2014
Inscribed Cape of the Eldwurm's Touch
Level 1 Cape
Inscribed Gravelmaw
Level 1 Totem
That which the strength of earth may create, the strength of earth may destroy, chewed into dust by shifting rock. Where once, in a time before knowledge of time, great stone giants built their cities, now lies an endless sea of pebbles. At its center yawns a great fissure, filled with the gravel remains of the countless many. Only a single segment of a single pillar remains to mark a grave for this ancient civilization.
Inscribed Merry Wanderer's Brush
Level 1 Tail
Beneath the magic moonless night sprout sights rare-seen by mortal man: the swaying sweep of faerie flight unfurls to gorgeous shimmering span. And from this beauteous wonder light of shifting hue there might be spied, yet those who seek such perilous views may oft then find their lives denied.
  • The International 2014
Inscribed The Lightning Orchid
Level 1 Hat
He who loudly speaks with silver tongue, in this helm wields silence golden. Malevolence blooms like an orchid in the mind behind the mask.
  • The International 2014
Inscribed Crystal Dryad
Level 1 Corrupted Scepter
Had the ancient mage but known what corruption his scepter would inflict upon the world, he would have burned and buried it, and sown salt over its cursed grave. For when carried in a fist of stone, Aghanim's scepter unleashes the spirit of the Crystal Dryad, and no foe is safe.
Inscribed Featherfall Bow
Level 1 Bow
A colorful bow adorned with tough harpy feathers is just what a feisty girl like Lyralei needs for fabulous mega-kills!
Inscribed Featherfall Cloak
Level 1 Cloak
A breezy, flowing cloak is just what one needs to look good on a hunting trip. Particularly if your prey might be hunting you right back.
Inscribed Muh Keen Gun
Level 1 Rifle
Not content to kill things one bullet at a time, Sniper commissioned the best gunsmith in the land to construct him a firearm worthy of his talented trigger finger. Lovingly designed and crafted with all the skill and attention to detail befitting a master smithy of the keen, the weapon that resulted is truly one for the ages. It's a bit on the heavy side, true, but not when balanced against the weight of corpses it will produce. Hernia not included.
  • The International 2014
Inscribed Dirk of the Wicked Succubus
Level 1 Dagger
To poke, to prod, to bleed, to destroy.
  • Style: Large Dirk
Inscribed Horns of the Wicked Succubus
Level 1 Horns and Hair
From deepest twilight come temptations dark and terrifying.
  • Style: Large Horns
Inscribed Wraps of the Wicked Succubus
Level 1 armor
One must bring the appropriate attire to a battle. To a massacre, however...
  • Style: Large Wraps
Inscribed Acidic Tentacles of the Hydra
Level 1 Tentacles
Includes three color styles.
  • Style: Acid
Inscribed 6618133163
Level 1
  • The International 2015
Inscribed Fluttering Mortis
Level 1 Skirt
The Death Prophet Krobelus flutters beyond the veil of the world, peering into realms best unseen. At her back, flutters death itself, while in her veins pulses the dark ink of all her prophecies still unwritten.
  • The International 2014
Inscribed 6588815205
Level 1
  • Untradable
Inscribed Flourishing Lodestar
Level 1 Headdress
In the shade of the first trees, water runs clear, and the earth radiates a gentle warmth. The spirits of the verdant wild coil about, endlessly mending, and eternally twisting old life into new. From the boughs of these elder saplings was carved the Lodestar, a tool to aid nature's benevolent servants so that they may guide, heal, and preserve all that must be held dear.
Inscribed 6588776595
Level 1
  • The International 2015
Inscribed Crown of Omoz
Level 1 helmet
  • Diretide 2013
Inscribed 6613207649
Level 1
  • Untradable
Inscribed Pale Mausoleum
Level 1 Tombstone
The dirge howls from the deep. Its call is irresistible, its song a melody of dark and cold. All will fall under the spell, be they tyrant or peasant, soldier or thief. The dirge shall claim.
Inscribed Clasp of the Iceborn Trinity
Level 1 armor
Inscribed 6613193040
Level 1
  • Untradable
Inscribed Augury's Guardian
Level 1 Ward
From deep within the mystic woods behind the veil of augury, the guardian watches over and protects its allies.
Inscribed 8064187936
Level 1
  • Untradable
Inscribed 7794716258
Level 1
Inscribed 11222905760
Level 1
Inscribed Ghastly Matriarch
Level 1 Bundle
Contains all of the items in the 'Ghastly Matriarch' set for Death Prophet plus loading screen and custom exorcism bat with an ability icon.
Inscribed 11841614357
Level 1
Inscribed Legacy of Infernal Wings
Level 1 Bundle
Contains all of the items in the 'Legacy of Infernal Wings' set for Lion plus loading screen
Inscribed 10698531619
Level 1
  • Gift from: STY.蜀天一
  • The International 2015
Inscribed Demon Eater
Level 1 Burning Soul
Shadow Fiend has long collected the souls of his enemies. As is the case with any collector, some prizes have stood above others, to be sought out at any cost. However, there are certain souls that should not be tried, and forces so dark and filled with rage that no being could hope to contain them. Thus did Shadow Fiend learn the price, and gift, that comes with stealing the souls of demons, and he was changed evermore.
  • Gift from: 道友,留步!
  • Untradable