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Bracers of the Gwimyeon Warrior
Level 1 Bracers
One must never neglect the protection of one's swordhand.
Faulds of the Gwimyeon Warrior
Level 1 Faulds
Speed is always the warrior's ally.
Taunt: Sharp Blade
Level 1 Taunt
Watch as Juggernaut sharpens his blade by cutting down his foes! Watch out! That's a Sharp Blade!
Battle Banner of the Masked
Level 1 Banner
What good is a battle without a banner to celebrate it? No good at all, or so says the Juggernaut.
Exalted 11220695936
Level 1
  • Gift from: 玉偭飛龍
Level 1
  • The International 2016
Genuine Kantusa the Script Sword
Level 1 Sword
The sword is engraved in fine script telling the fated story of the one whose soul is sealed within.
  • Gift from: NiKo