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Cape of the Crystalline Queen
Level 1 Cape
Nights are cold in the contested lands, but for some, not cold enough. This frost-charmed cape keeps cold what the sun would warm.
Snowdrop Mittens
Level 1 Gloves
Crystal Maiden hardly needs to keep her hands warm in freezing weather. We suspect these are strictly a fashion statement.
Staff of the Crystalline Queen
Level 1 Staff
Locked frozen in a glacier for a thousand years, this great staff was carved long ago in honor of the twin northern stars.
Taunt: Beautiful Snowangel
Level 1 Taunt
Crystal Maiden makes a snowangel! You better believe it!
Yulsaria's Glacier
Level 1 Crown
In the frigid north, that which is lost to myth may still be found within the ice. In an age now lost to time, the Frozen Witch Yulsaria ruled the whitelands, summoning blizzards and hail storms upon those who displeased her, while an army of ice golems roamed the lands to snuff out all warmth. In time, her southward expansion angered the Eldwurm Slyrak who, in his terrible rage, melted Yulsaria's armies with his endless flame before conquering the Frozen Witch herself. Now, centuries later, shifts in the ice have heaved up the last remaining shard of her empire: her glacial crown.
  • The International 2014
Level 1
  • Untradable