Project P
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Ball-n-Chains of the Black Death
Level 1 Ball-n-Chains
Blood Drainer
Level 1 Hook
A hook designed to pierce foes in multiple areas upon impact and draw blood as Pudge reels in his prey.
Bloodstained Britches
Level 1 Pants
"You don't get this good at butchery without spending a bit of time on a farm."
  • Frostivus 2012
Heavy Tenderizer
Level 1 Club
A few quick turns under Pudge's Tenderizer, and even the toughest foe goes down like butter.
Autographed Mask of the Mad Harvester
Level 1 Mask
It's a lot funnier when the meat can't see what killed it.
Taunt: Shake Your Money Maker
Level 1 Taunt
Watch as Pudge "Shakes his Money Maker" while his foes cannot look away!