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Carapace of the Chosen Larva
Level 1 Carapace
Molted over the course of seven seasons by the slow administration of special alchemicals, this carapace is hardened against both blade and spell.
Helmet of the Chosen Larva
Level 1 helmet
Beneath this ornate helmet of hardened chitin rages a mind unlike any other in the insect world--a cold intelligence bent on the destruction of the chosen target.
Genuine Nyx Assassin's Dagon
Level 1 Wand
The blessings of Nyx upon her anointed assassins oft bring with it strange energies.
Pincers of the Chosen Larva
Level 1 Claws
The only part of this assassin not grown naturally, these steel blades are screwed directly into the tough chitin at the ends of his killing limbs.