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Inscribed Rampant the Scaled Hunter
Level 1 mount
Astride the last of the legendary archtyrex, a skilled stormcrafter channels the fury of the storm itself.
Level 1
  • The International 2015
The Storm Rider's Bracer
Level 1 Bracer
This armor comes from an age long forgotten, and it crackles with the ancient power of the stormrider.
The Storm Rider's Deflector
Level 1 Pauldron
Found in an ancient temple in Druud, this armor turns away blades and spells. Storms are not so easily deflected.
The Storm Rider's Sight
Level 1 Monocle
An eye for an eye, and a storm for his enemies; no foe can escape the piercing glare of the storm rider.
Level 1 Hammer
The power of the summer squalls lays a thrashing on the enemies of Disruptor.