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Aghanim's Basher
Level 1 Flail
What could be better than an Aghanims scepter? This. This is better.
Autographed Elixir of Dragon's Breath
Level 1 Cask
Fermented from the concentrate of thousand-year-old Dragon's blood, this rare elixir is guaranteed to put hair on your chest. And then set fire to that hair.
Guard of the Drunken Warlord
Level 1 Guard
Designed from the cast-off remnants of ancient brew casks, these bits of aged wood have been infused with the essence of the ancient order of the Oyo.
Mailed Skirt of the Drunken Warlord
Level 1 Skirt
When you're in your cups, this mailed skirt has your back.
Wraps of the Drunken Warlord
Level 1 Wraps
The ancient order of the Oyo binds the sword arm of each young apprentice as a symbol of commitment to their forebears.