Project P
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Dress of the Ephemeral Haunt
Level 1 Dress
A dress, slightly tattered by the constant flux of spectral energy.
Horns of the Ephemeral Haunt
Level 1 Horns
Chaotic emanations from a plane of violent power are conducted through these focal-horns and imbue Spectre with energy.
Level 1
Sleeves of the Ephemeral Haunt
Level 1 Sleeves
A billowing sleeve for Spectre, charged with the excess energy that overflows from Spectre's present form.
Autographed Soul Diffuser
Level 1 Blade
By this blade shall you know her, bringer of death, bearer of your final moments of mortal terror. She who renders your soul diffuse, your body lifeless dark, mere meat and viscera. In a flash of movement, she slices your soul's tether, and frees you to learn the truth of the last great mystery.
Wings of the Ephemeral Haunt
Level 1 Wings
Energy from Spectre's home plane of existence pulses through her wings, nearly overtaking her physical form.