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Genuine Bow of the Howling Wind
Level 1 Bow
In the endless chill of the far north, it is said that the cold of death comes on a howling wind brought by a great white wolf. Many a hunter has attempted to slay this grave spirit. Yet in all the known histories, the stories record only one bow that has ever fired strong enough, and true enough, to pierce its side.
  • Uncraftable
Gauntlets of the Boreal Watch
Level 1 Gauntlets
A great archer once wore these magical gloves. It is said that the strange runes there inscribed greatly improve the wearer's accuracy in battle.
Legplates of the Boreal Watch
Level 1 Leg Armor
Lightweight and durable, these resilient legplates have stood the test of time, and grueling battle.
Autographed Mania's Mask
Level 1 Mask
To wander the woods knowing you are alone, an orphan of those who birthed you, rejected by those who raised you, hidden from those who might give warmth and comfort... this is a path to madness.
Pauldrons of the Boreal Watch
Level 1 shoulders
Forged by the Northern Drow from the ore of the chasm, these pauldrons bear the mark of the Boreal Watch.
Quiver of the Boreal Watch
Level 1 Quiver
Fluted with the plumes of the great arctic arcoch, and bathed in the runoff of the blueheart glacier, these arrows are said to freeze targets to the core.
Genuine Steamcape
Level 1 Cape
Taunt: Keep an Ear Out
Level 1 Taunt
Did your enemy make a sound?