Project P
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Flourishing Lodestar
Level 1 Headdress
In the shade of the first trees, water runs clear, and the earth radiates a gentle warmth. The spirits of the verdant wild coil about, endlessly mending, and eternally twisting old life into new. From the boughs of these elder saplings was carved the Lodestar, a tool to aid nature's benevolent servants so that they may guide, heal, and preserve all that must be held dear.
Summer's Bounty
Level 1 Spear
Who would want to run away from such a beautiful spear?
Summer's Light
Level 1 Pauldron
Wearing these luminous pauldrons, Enchantress honors the glory of the summer sky.
Summer's Mirth
Level 1 Skirt
Mirth and merriment bedeck the lovely Enchantress. Ivy is cool in summer and who cares about winter anyway?
Summer's Warmth
Level 1 Sleeve
Every warm summer day must eventually give way to the cool breezes of evening. This light covering is more than enough to ward off goosebumps.