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A Bit of Boat
Level 1 Club
A mutinous member of Kunkka's crew nearly made it to shore in this fateful craft. Tidehunter wields it as a reminder of that dread day, little knowing that Kunkka heartily approves of the message it sends to would-be deserters.
  • The International 2013
Kraken Shell
Level 1 armor
The massive, shelled sea-krakens are considered both a delicacy, and a worthy foe. Their shells are highly prized as both shelter and armor.
Pirate Slayer's Bracer
Level 1 Cloth Bracer
A gigantic bracer made from bits of sail and tied with line.
Level 1
  • The International 2015
Genuine Tidehunter Blink Dagger
Level 1 Blink Dagger
Accurate or not, an untrustworthy anemone convinced Tidehunter that his blink dagger would have extra blinking power with this optional organic power-pack.
  • Uncraftable