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Cuffs of Divine Ascension
Level 1 Bracers
Cuffs like these require a mastery over the divine arcane arts to wield effectivly.
Autographed Empyrean
Level 1 Staff
'Tis told among Skywrath-kind the legend of Shaldera, a being of black wing who in hubris flew into the darker skies hoping to meet the heavenly lords above. She who returned did so upon golden feathers, bearing the divine spear Empyrean, a symbol of her flight. It is said her kingdom endured for a thousand years and one.
Helm of Divine Ascension
Level 1 helmet
A helm befitting one who can ascend and raze his foes with divine arcana.
Mantle of Divine Ascension
Level 1 Shoulderpads
Dashing and bold, this mantle helps Dragonus bear the great weight of Ascension's power.
Sash of Divine Ascension
Level 1 Sash
A neatly tied sash is all one needs when extracting ascended vengeance.
Level 1
  • The International 2015
Wings of Divine Ascension
Level 1 Wings
Wings so vast they smother the divine light from Dragonus' foes.