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Auspicious Battlefury
Level 1 Axe
A weapon of timeless rage.
  • New Bloom 2014
Auspicious Pack of the Blood Stained Sands
Level 1 Backpack
A necessity for traveling light across a hostile waste which offers nothing in the way of sustenance or shelter.
  • New Bloom 2014
Auspicious Belt of the Forest Hermit
Level 1 belt
All the hermit needs is within easy reach.
  • New Bloom 2014
Auspicious Glaves of the Crescent Moon
Level 1 weapon
Glaves as sharp as moon beams cut swaths through her enemies. Ribboned by a pair of glossamar wings, they fly true and far.
  • New Bloom 2014
Auspicious Golden Reel Guardian Totem
Level 1 Totem
  • New Bloom 2014
Auspicious Starlight Armguards
Level 1 Bracers
The light of the uncountable stars shines out with a protective power.
  • New Bloom 2014
Auspicious Limbs of Entwined Fate
Level 1 Legs
  • New Bloom 2014
  • Style: Scrambling Limbs
Auspicious Shoulder of the Atniw
Level 1 Shoulder Pad
Ferocity takes shape. Huge shoulders rise to shrug off attack.
  • New Bloom 2014
Auspicious Mantle of the Crescent Moon
Level 1 armor
Plaid with moth wings and dressed with armour made from pure Moonsilver. A vestment like this is both rare and magical as it grants its wearer with the boon of increased agility.
  • New Bloom 2014
Auspicious Mistplates of Ruin
Level 1 Pauldrons
  • New Bloom 2014
Auspicious Pauldron of Teardrop Ice
Level 1 Pauldron
Of the twelve legendary teardrop gems, eight were shattered, creating a vast tundra where once stood a burning waste.
  • New Bloom 2014
Auspicious Ancient Armor Arms
Level 1 Arm Shields
Water finds its perfect form in Morphling's grip.
  • New Bloom 2014
Auspicious Crown of the Death Priestess
Level 1 Headdress
Death Prophet consecrates her union with death by donning this regal headdress. She only takes it off again with deep regret.
  • New Bloom 2014
Auspicious Rampant the Scaled Hunter
Level 1 mount
Astride the last of the legendary archtyrex, a skilled stormcrafter channels the fury of the storm itself.
  • New Bloom 2014