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Level 1
Chestpiece of the Eternal Light
Level 1 armor
A nightmarish reminder of the mystery that lies shielded in bewilderment at Spectre's heart.
Encasement of the Eternal Light
Level 1 head
A gem of wisdom? A polished lense of eldritch insight? A dimension-straddling insect's eye? Spectre answers not.
Plume of the Eternal Light
Level 1 Epaulettes
Neither feather nor foliage, nor quite a blend of both, the being from which these plumes were plucked dwells in the eternal light of a realm unseen, which Spectre navigates by senses that have no mundane equivalent.
Belt of the Eternal Light
Level 1 armor
Spectre's notion of light is not like that of other beings. Nor is her understanding of eternity.
Possessed Blade
Level 1 Blade
Few now have the skill to condense and compress a soul's raw energy into a blade.
  • The International 2013