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Heroic Second Disciple's Chakram
Level 1 New Item
Carried upon his back, this weapon serves as both defense and offense on the field of battle.
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  • Attrib_TournamentVictimID
Heroic Blade of the Blood Stained Sands
Level 1 Offhand blade
To keep the sands well-named, this blade waits at the ready.
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  • Attrib_TournamentVictimID
Pangolin Carapace
Level 1 armor
This shelled carapace armor is meant to offer both protection and camouflage.
Pads of the Crimson Cut-throat
Level 1 Pads
By the time Gondar was finished, little else remained of the Crimson Cut-throat's armor.
Mask of the Crimson Cut-throat
Level 1 Mask
The contract for the head of the Crimson Cut-throat was one of the most difficult that Gondar had ever accepted. It was only natural that he'd keep a few souvenirs.
Mancatcher of the Crimson Cut-throat
Level 1 Mancatcher
The Crimson Cut-throat kept a wide assortment of ornate blades to do his work. Once the contract was complete, Gondar helped himself.