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Shroud of the Awakened
Level 1 Shroud
"May thine visage not be hindered by those of absent mind and eternal hunger, for thou shall bring an end to their suffering..." - Taken from Tael'Am.
Bracers of the Awakened
Level 1 Bracers
"May thine Hatred lend thee the strength to shatter the symbol of thine bretheren's demise, for within its remains lies absolute power!" - Taken from Tael'Am
Guard of the Clergy Ascetic
Level 1 Shoulderpiece
The rightmost shoulder of Antimage: Righter by far than thou!
Frozen Shard of Retribution
Level 1 Blade
"Let not thine conviction blind thee, but embrace Retribution for the Redemption of thine Order." - Taken from Tael'Am
  • Frostivus 2013
Taunt: The Magic Ends Here
Level 1 Taunt
Show their foul sorcery the regard it deserves.