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Unusual Arnabus the Fairy Rabbit
Level 1 courier
Unlike other, less dependable lagomorphs, Arnabus shall never be late with your items. Depend on it!
Unusual Drodo the Druffin
Level 1 International Courier
Discovered on an island in the Samareen Sea, this species of delicious dragon has been all but wiped out by hungry sailors. Druffins lack the sense that nature gives most creatures, but their limitless trust makes them good couriers in the thick of battle.
  • The International 2012
Unusual Jin and Yin Fox Spirits
Level 1 courier
Friendly Jin of the Radiant protects the bamboo forests from intruders. Shy Yin of the Dire prefers to hide in the shadows. It is said the Fox Spirits can achieve immortality with sufficient essence from the Sun and the Moon.
Unusual The Llama Llama
Level 1 courier
The Llama Llama courier... with a courier THIS good, you name him TWICE! "Fleet of Foots" and "Service with a Smile!" ... What more can you ask for?
Ōkami Amaterasu
Level 1 Courier
A dog well equipped to follow its master into war. This beast has witnessed many terrible deeds and grand victories. It hides stoic judgment beneath a painted mask of fine birch.