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Cauldron of Xahryx
Level 1 Cauldron
Until at Sylla's paw the vile Xahryx fell asunder, the wildest power known was held within the cauldron's depths. In fear of what evil may seek such strength was the vessel taken, and put to heroic purpose.
Claw of the Haruspex
Level 1 Claw
Serpent Clan long held to the traditions of the haruspex, and so foresaw the ruin and war that would visit the ancient clans.
Cloak of the Haruspex
Level 1 Cloak
As Serpent Clan spread word of their coming doom, they granted their honored vestments to Sylla that he may remember their words.
Gilded Mark of the Haruspex
Level 1 Pauldron
Upon the shoulder sits a coiled snake, wrought in gold. The seers of Serpent Clan often read the future in the entrails of their lowly kin.
Spirit of Calm
Level 1 Spirit Bear
Though doom and ruin they saw, the visions of the haruspex brought to Sylla a sense of destined calm. During mediations, he found his spiritual projections altered to appear less intimidating.