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Shredder of the Vandal
Level 1 Bow
If you run out of arrows, you can always stab your enemies with this. It has more points than Leshrac has horns.
  • The Compendium Fantasy Challenge 2013
Torn Guard of the Vandal
Level 1 Pauldrons
Tired of your clavicle being exposed to the world? Here is an enchanted armor designed to shield old bones from plight of combat.
Demon Guise of the Vandal
Level 1 Mask
For a hundred years, a blind smeevil hammered and honed his masterpiece, until the great work was done. None shall see your face behind the iron mask of the Demon Guise.
Skeletal Claw of the Vandal
Level 1 Claw
Lacking flesh, Clinkz adorns his skeletal hand with the claw of the Vandal. Forged by smeevils in ages long past, this iron claw is for many hapless victims the iron grip of death itself.
Level 1
  • Untradable
Level 1
  • Untradable