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Heroic Armor of the Tentacular Timelord
Level 1 shoulders
Gauntlets of the Acolyte of Clasz
Level 1 Gauntlets
Hearing these gauntlets clanged together sharply in an aspect of prayer, the high essence of Claszureme responds with gifts of luck and protection.
Inscribed Girdpiece of the Acolyte of Clasz
Level 1 belt
To enter Claszureme, one must study the workings of Clasz...and such endeavors require one gird oneself well.
Inscribed Headwraps of the Acolyte of Clasz
Level 1 Headwraps
No acolyte of Clasz needs eyes of flesh to observe the rites. Those who have them to begin with must soon part ways.
Elder Timebreaker
Level 1 Mace
While a stopped clock may be right on occasion, savage deployment of the Timebreaker is always appropriate.
  • Sithil's Summer Stash 2012