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Little Blink Dagger
Level 1 Dagger
"Don't worry, precious Axe. Blink Dagger does not come to chop."
Genuine 5476943890
Level 1
Inscribed Rampant Outrage
Level 1 Helm
Let them swing their puny swords and cast their pitiful spells. Let them scar the flesh and blacken the armor. Let them think they've found a weakness. Let them smile in their triumph. Then let them feel terror as the heavy blade ends their laughter.
  • The International 2014
Inscribed Wyvernguard Edge
Level 1 Axe
No mere woodcutter's hatchet, the Wyvernguard Edge is a great-axe with the bite of a dragon. Forged from the knights' steel found fused and glowing in the molten guts of a dozen slaughtered Pyrexae, the blade of Wyvernguard penetrates to the bleeding heart of any battle.
Level 1