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Level 1
Inscribed Soul Diffuser
Level 1 Blade
By this blade shall you know her, bringer of death, bearer of your final moments of mortal terror. She who renders your soul diffuse, your body lifeless dark, mere meat and viscera. In a flash of movement, she slices your soul's tether, and frees you to learn the truth of the last great mystery.
Belt of the Eternal Light
Level 1 armor
Spectre's notion of light is not like that of other beings. Nor is her understanding of eternity.
Bracers of Malicious Efflorescence
Level 1 Bracers
Of flowing dark and unknown aethers come arms of dangerous beauty.
Spectral Light
Level 1 head
When moving between certain dark angles of creation, it is important that one not be mistaken for prey. The sigils on this headpiece serve as a warning to some interdimensional predator, but an invitation to others less visible.
  • The International 2013
Level 1
  • The International 2017
  • Untradable