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Inscribed Hakama of a Thousand Faces
Level 1 Traditional Hakama
A traditional hakama from Isle of Masks. It was given to Yurnero by his late swordmaster, long before his exile.
  • Untradable
Aspect Wraps of the High Plains
Level 1 Bracer
A set of serviceable bracers, made from the mighty mountain wolf.
Long-Fang the Grey Blade
Level 1 Sword
"In the grip, the left hand must know Ardent Volition and the right hand must know Cultivated Grace. In this way the strike that follows bears both intentionality and respect. It is only the brute who strikes without these considerations."
Kataginu of a Thousand Faces
Level 1 Vest
A traditional sleeveless jacket worn by the great warriors of Isle of Masks. It carries the banner of Yurnero.
  • Untradable
Three-Fold Mien of the Boar God
Level 1 Mask
The aspect of the boar brings health, virility, and alacrity. The primal sign of four-seven-twelve.