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Master Assassin's Mask
Level 1 Mask
The cloth is treated with oils and wax to stave off enemy poisons.
Master Assassin's Tails
Level 1 Robe
The trailing cloth obscures the assassin's form and, in a pinch, can be used to thwart enemy blades.
Pike of the Blood Stained Sands
Level 1 weapon
Bounty Hunter's pike shares a thirst for blood with the arid sands. Whatever it drops will be drunken greedily.
  • Untradable
Blade of the Blood Stained Sands
Level 1 Offhand blade
To keep the sands well-named, this blade waits at the ready.
  • Untradable
Trap Jaw
Level 1 Booby Trap
There is more to catching prey than merely stalking them through the woods.