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Lei of the Peace-Bringer
Level 1 Garland
Hung about the neck and worn during festive events, the garland is a universal symbol of friendship, peace, and good tidings.
Pack of the Woodland Outcast
Level 1 Pack
Never to plant his roots, always to wander the wilds.
Staff of the Eagle
Level 1 Staff
The prophet of Nature is not only a ward of the green things, but also of the myriad beasts and birds.
Grand Crown of the Gigas
Level 1 Horns
Is there any beast more majestic than the mighty Gigas? Even Alces and Cameloides bow before it.
Beard of the Woodland Outcast
Level 1 Beard
From grove to grove did the prophet wander, and so his beard grew as wild as he.
Pine-Sage Sigil Stones
Level 1 Bracer
Two sigils that bear the signs of an Elder Ecology.