Project P
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Claddish Gauntlets
Level 1 Gauntlets
The only piece of equipment left on Kunkka after he washed up on a Keen shore.
Claddish Voyager's Second Chance
Level 1 Pistol
For when both a sword and a pistol still won't do.
Lucky Tooth Necklace
Level 1 Necklace
A necklace of rare leviathan's teeth.
Seafarer's Shoes
Level 1 Shoes
A fine pair of leather shoes with rubber soles, for when the Captain must work his charms on land.
Genuine Kunkka's Shadow Blade
Level 1 Sword
Often the tides of war go unseen until it is too late.
Pride of the Crew
Level 1 Hat
Even the Captain must at times join his crew in the daily work aboard the ship.