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Executioner's Trophies
Level 1 Gruesome Trophies
Those who deny the strength of the Axe soon find a worthy place from which to witness his deeds.
Level 1 Axe
Forged in volcanic fire, bathed in the blood of countless foes, the Reaver is a weapon that has never known mercy.
Bloodmist Pauldrons
Level 1 Pauldrons
These pauldrons were once owned by a mighty officer of the Bloodmist Army. Axe is only too pleased to tell the tale of their encounter.
Inscribed Rampant Outrage
Level 1 Helm
Let them swing their puny swords and cast their pitiful spells. Let them scar the flesh and blacken the armor. Let them think they've found a weakness. Let them smile in their triumph. Then let them feel terror as the heavy blade ends their laughter.
  • The International 2014