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Frozen Totem of the Forest Hermit
Level 1 Totem
Earthshaker seeks and finds a welcome in the quiet of the woods.
  • Frostivus 2013
Frozen Vestments of the Exiled Ronin
Level 1 Cape
When one trusty sword is not enough. An exile must always be prepared.
  • Frostivus 2013
Frozen Grand Helm of the Narrow Maze
Level 1 Helm
  • Frostivus 2013
Frozen Claddish Guard
Level 1 Shoulder Guards
A high collar keeps salty waters and harsh weather from marring Kunkka's visage, while heavy shoulder-plates have deflected many a tooth and claw belonging to such abominations as lurk in the murky waters.
  • Frostivus 2013
Frozen Chained Wings
Level 1 Wings
Let her have you, and she will keep you.
  • Frostivus 2013
Frozen Steelweb Countenance
Level 1 Mask
For she of boundless hunger was forged this mask, that her many eyes may never come to harm.
  • Frostivus 2013
Frozen Wings of Obelis Shoulders
Level 1 shoulders
Your judgement comes.
  • Frostivus 2013
Frozen Helmet of the Cryogenic Embrace
Level 1 helmet
As Ulfsaar lay ravaged by battle and cold, the shaman bound parts of his life force to the nearby icicles until he recovered. The warrior now proudly wears this fur armor embedded with shards of that spellbound ice as a reminder of his spirit's victory over death itself.
  • Frostivus 2013
Frozen Sacred Orb Carapace
Level 1 armor
Once in a thousand cyclings of the hive, Nyx grants one of her Assassins the Carapace of the Sacred Orb. It is the most painful of molts...but legend requires great sacrifice.
  • Frostivus 2013
Frozen Black Reaver
Level 1 Axe
  • Frostivus 2013
Frozen Heavy Barbed Arms
Level 1 Spiked Bands
  • Frostivus 2013