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Frozen Black Reaver
Level 1 Axe
  • Frostivus 2013
Auspicious Spaulder of the Steppe
Level 1 Spaulder
Many a centaur was gored with this spiny spaulder.
  • New Bloom 2014
Gloried Horn of Druud
Level 1 Horn
Encorselled by Elder Greyhoofs at the Clanfounding, a single note from this horn can call forth the great hordes of Druud to do battle at the end of all times. Bradwarden the Warrunner and vanguard of the Druud clans protects the horn and will, at the appointed hour, summon his brothers and sisters to make a final apocalyptic war.
Bracers of the Unbroken Stallion
Level 1 Bracers
  • Untradable
Level 1
  • The International 2015