Project P
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Assistant's Cutter
Level 1 Blade
Most observers of Alchemy fail to realize the importance of personal defense against most observers of Alchemy.
Assistant's Muscle Pump
Level 1 Pump
With its triple reinforced outer shell, it's technically safer inside this pipe than in most castles.
Assistant's Respirator
Level 1 Ogre Mask and Saddle
This mask is not meant to keep toxic gasses out, it's meant to keep them in!
Experimentalist's Laboratory Essentials
Level 1 Lab Coat
Just because you're in a battle is no reason not to practice proper lab safety!
Experimentalist's Unstable Flask
Level 1 Flask
Carved and formed from Radiant ore.
Toxic Siege Blades
Level 1 Blades
Toxic Siege Safety Goggles
Level 1 Goggles
Level 1
  • The International 2016