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Auspicious Eki Bukaw Wand
Level 1 Wand
The wand of Eki Bukaw was once thought to be only legend. But now it is yours to wield, and with it, great power.
  • New Bloom 2014
Fiery Ward of Eki Bukaw
Level 1 Spirit Ward
With this fiery ward, no secrets are safe, no location hidden, no weakness unexposed.
Mysterious Vagabond's Concoction
Level 1 Bottle
Although some travelling shaman have been rightly accused of selling colored water as if it were a certain cure for all ills, Rhasta makes no such claims and has never charged so much as a pence for a swig from this bottle. In fact, no one but Rhasta may drink from it. The Shadow Shaman's brew is certain death to anyone but its maker.
Records of the Eki Bukaw
Level 1 Records
Within these sacred records are inscribed all the secrets of the great gone by.
Visage of Eki Bukaw
Level 1 Helm
The Visage of the Eki Bukaw will be the last thing your enemies see before they cross the final hill into the great gone by.